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Michelle Haffner

Website Coordinator

Website Coordinator

Michelle is CCYO’s Website Coordinator. Michelle earned her BA in Business Administration from Michigan’s Walsh College and worked as a computer programmer for Comerica Bank, Chrysler Corporation, MCI Corporation, and as a technical analyst for Channelpoint Corporation.

While her children were young Michelle served on the Ministry Team for their MOPS group and when they began attending school Michelle became involved in their school’s PTO. In order to engage and inform parents, Michelle designed and maintained a website for the PTO and, over many years, served in a variety of capacities including on the PTO Board.

Currently, Michelle works for The Navigators as a software developer, using her skills to spread God’s Word through the Navigators’ discipleship programs.

In her spare time Michelle enjoys biking, hiking with her dogs, skiing, and traveling. She is also teaching herself to play piano and has mastered the “Happy Birthday” song!

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