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Cheryl Higgins

Facility Coordinator

Facility Coordinator

One quarter of the founding “quartet” of the Colorado Crossroads Youth Orchestra, Cheryl is a wife and mother, daughter and sister, friend and compulsive hugger! A former collegiate athlete, anatomical illustrator and technical writer, Cheryl earned her BA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and leverages those skills in helping advance her husband’s healthcare practice.

As a long-time catechist, a leader for several youth scouting programs, a former leader for a local Catholic Homeschool Group and Co-op, a homeschool mom of 14 years, and her children’s Suzuki home coach, Cheryl has a wealth of experience working with youth.

Through the support and encouragement of her family and her community, Cheryl has grown in her Catholic faith and has grown to love the adventures and opportunities that God has placed in her path. So when the friends started to talk about a Christian orchestra program, “Of course” was the obvious answer!

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